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Final GDP Estimates For GDPNow And Nowcast Tick Lower

GDPNow And Nowcast Forecast Early in the quarter, there was talk of a Trumpian 5% GDP in the third quarter. The low- to mid-3s is more likely. Compared to early projections, more believable GDP forecasts are now in the works, at least for GDPNow. I suspect GDPNow is still a bit high, and Nowcast more than a bit low. I ...

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GDPNow Vs. Nowcast Gap Widens Again, Huge GDPNow Inventory Contribution

GDPNow And Onwcast Forecasts The Atlanta Fed GDPNow Model Forecasts 4.2% GDP Growth. Nowcast is 2.3%. Inventories contribute 2.2 % to GDPNow. The gap between the GDPNow and Nowcast Third-Quarter GDP estimates widened slightly to 1.9 percentage points. The latest estimates are 4.2% for GDPNow on October 10 and 2.3% for Nowcast on October 12. The inventory contribution for GDPNow ...

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